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Companions and caregivers

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“Could not have asked for better care other than myself for my mom. It was a demanding case and they handled it with professionalism, knowledge, and care that she needed. Both physically and mentally they took care of her needs. They were punctual and flexible to any time needed. I would have been lost without them! I would not want anyone else to care for me or my loved ones in the future.”


Suzanne L. of Salem, NH


“Having MS for 37 years, losing my dearly loved husband of 44 years who cared for me and having my leg amputated 2 weeks later, left me in a dire situation. Friends highly recommended that I contact Above and Beyond Home Health Care before being released from rehab. When their representative visited me they offered everything I needed in order to continue living in my home and to provide the excellent care that my husband had always given me. Eighteen months later and I still don’t have a single complaint with the agency or the caring. Extremely attentive and fun to be with aides that care for me 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours each night. I rely on them and I am the lucky individual to have them caring for me. My recommendation for the owners and their well-trained aides is as many pluses (++++++s) as possible.”


Karen S. of Andover, MA


“I consider Above and Beyond Home Health Care the best I have used for my husband. After using others that were disappointing, I decided to try Above and Beyond. It was by far the most professional and compassionate of all. They treated my husband as family and fast became friends. They always showed up even in bad weather. I would never hesitate to hire them for a loved one. I consider them Top Shelf!


Sheila K. of Lynn, MA


“Above and Beyond Home Health Care has been amazing at a very difficult time for my family.”


Scott C. of Middleton, MA


“At a time when there are hundreds of questions, Above and Beyond Home Health Care searched for, found and were the answers. My husband and I both had parents who needed assistance and the company and its staff were there for them…..and us. With kindness and compassion and unfailing attention to detail, they carried us through ever changing health issues and they provided friendship and caregiving to our parents. And while the family begins to think of the patient in past terms, Above and Beyond Home Health Care always saw the patient as a person with personality and interests. During what can be an emotional and confusing time they were knowledgeable and reassuring and provided the children of their clients with support and he security that their loved ones were well cared for and represented. We would urge anyone needing care and assistance for a loved one to contact Above and Beyond Home Health Care.”


Brian and Sheryl A. of Wakefield, MA


“Working with Above and Beyond Home Health Care was a pleasure and because of the care they provided, our family was able to be with our aunt for moral and emotional support while they provided for her actual care needs of daily living. This was such a stress relief for our family and we very much appreciated all your efforts. The methodology for developing a care plan and schedule, followed by flawless implementation of the plan, and the actual daily care and concerns shown by the company and the staff did go “Above and Beyond” what we anticipated. In our opinion, the name of your company is an apt description of the services and feeling one may expect when working with them. I would gladly recommend Above and Beyond Home Health Care to others.”


Charles N. of Manchester, MA